Quality is a top priority for the business strategy of Gràfiques Lamolla. It is for this reason that management is committed to maintaining a quality management system that includes food safety requirements for certain primary packaging for the food sector. RSIPAC 39.05572/CAT.

Management is understood to mean that the use of a Management System means a more efficient and safer use of the resources of the organization (equipment, materials, information, time, etc.). And, therefore, it means: the achievement of packaging and other quality print, reducing costs and increasing productivity, which has a greater impact on the application of HACCP for primary packaging work in the food sector.

In this context, the management of GRÁFIQUES LAMOLLA, ensures that the needs and expectations of the customers are identified and that they become requirements. In addition, it guarantees the full compliance with these legal and regulatory requirements that may affect their products, to achieve customer satisfaction.

The participation of all members of the organization is essential to achieve the goals and quality goals that are established. It is for this reason that awareness and continuous training of workers are fundamental for their achievement, both at the technical level and those knowledge about specific practices of food security.

There is a firm decision to integrate the quality, in the strategy of the organization and to have techniques and tools to achieve a continuous improvement on the part of the Management. For this reason, this policy must serve as a reference framework for the establishment of specific objectives aimed at improving the efficiency and efficiency of the processes and products of the organization.

This culture of quality is a fundamental priority and is part of the corporate culture of GRÁFIQUES LAMOLLA.

Review 1 - December 2018

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