New digital print service

This month of January of 2022, we have integrated a new digital printing service with an up to 6 color Xerox Iridesse production press that combines two revolutionary technologies: the use of dry metallic inks in digital printing and Ultra HD resolution. This service allows us to achieve color accuracy in the reproduction of the most complex elements like gradients, fines typography or vector graphics, producing more nuanced and higher quality images.

With the Xerox Iridesse we can print digitally on CMYK, opaque white, metallic inks and varnishes.

Xerox Iridesse

Installation of photovoltaic panels

This month of June of 2021, we have bet on the energy transition with the installation of 194 photovoltaic panels of last generation installed on top of our factory with a production capacity of 79. 2 KW.

This energy will be used entirely for self-consumption. In addition, with this installation, we collaborate with the reduction of CO2 emissions into the air. And we also reduce the carbon footprint of our products.

Plaques solars


New folding/gluing machine BOBST EXPERTFOLD CS2

In order to double the capacity to gum boxes, this May of 2021, we have acquired a new BOBST EXPERTFOLD CS2 bender/gummer.

Excellent performance:

  • Lineal boxes, crash lock bottom, 4 and 6 points and folders
  • Short preparation and changeover time for maximum availability.
  • Hot and cold glue injectors available.



In order to continue improving the quality policy of the company, this December 2020 we have changed the CTP machine photo plate developer to one of more current that involves a series of changes:

  •  No more processing chemicals.
  •  No more water to spread the plate in the processor, no more water to clean the processing equipment.
  •  No more energy to run the plate processor.
  •  No more waste generation in the printing room due to variability or plate defects caused by processing. defects of the plates caused in the processing. A faster point-to-point post, increased point stability and increased quality.

We will save 30,000 litres of water, 2,000 kWh of electricity and 300 litres of chemicals every year.

Now, our plants are environmentally friendly, because we don't use any kind of processing in their photo-revealing process.

New CTP Magnus 800
New CTP Magnus 800
Plates without process
Plates without process
Environmental commitment
Environmental commitment


New machine M-DOSAT for inks formulation.

In order to continue improving in the company's quality policy and optimizing the consumption of ink, during the month of January 2019, the M-DOSAT ink-dyeing machine was incorporated.

M-DOSAT ink dispenser

Purchase of a new printing machine KBA Rapida 105 PRO 6+L

Following the company's quality policy for have the more tools and advanced techniques to provide the best possible quality, the company has invested in a new printing machine incorporating the latest technological innovations.

signatura kba


Signing the contract in the offices of Gràfiques Lamolla, S.L. - December, 2015

Visita procés fabricació de la nova màquina a les instal·lacions de KBA (Alemanya) - Maig 2016Fabrica KBA


We visit the premises of KBA in Germany and we could see the manufacturing process of our new machine - Maig, 2016