Quality is a top priority for the business strategy of Gràfiques Lamolla. It is for this reason that management is committed to maintaining a quality management system.

The direction of  Gràfiques Lamolla understood that the use of a management system signifique to more efficient and safer use of organizational resources (equipment, materials, information, time, etc ...) it assumed; achieving secondary packaging and other print quality, reduced costs and increasing productivity, which leads to improved competitiveness.

In this context, management Gràfiques Lamolla ensures that the needs and expectations of customers are identified and become requirements. It also ensures full respect for and full compliance with legal and regulatory requirements that may affect your products, to achieve customer satisfaction.

The participation of all members of the organization is essential to achieving the objectives and the established quality requirements. It is for this reason that awareness and training of workers are fundamental to its achievement.

They  have a firm decision integrate quality in organizational strategy and have tools and techniques for continuous improvement. For this reason, this policy should provide a framework for the establishment of specific goals for improving the effectiveness and the efficiency of processes and the organization's products.

This culture of quality is a priority and an essential part of the corporate culture of Gràfiques Lamolla.